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MH OV - Chronology Of The Universe (2021)

MH OV - Chronology Of The Universe mp3
Artist/Band: MH OV (Greece)

Album: Chronology Of The Universe

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Instrumental Music (Space Black Metal / Occult Black Metal)

Release date: 2021

Format: MP3 (CBR 320 kbit/s)

Size: 325 Mb

Track listing (Список песен):

01. The Big Bang
02. Planck Epoch
03. Entropy
04. Grand Unification Epoch
05. Electroweak Epoch
06. Inflationary Epoch And The Rapid Expansion of Space
07. Disorder
08. Supersymmetry Breaking
09. Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
10. Thermalisation
11. The Quark Epoch
12. Baryogenesis
13. Uncertainty
14. Hadron Epoch
15. Neutrino Decoupling And Cosmic Neutrino Background
16. Possible Formation Of Primordial Black Holes
17. Lepton Epoch
18. Photon Epoch
19. Nucleosynthesis Of Light Elements
20. Matter Domination
21. Recombination, Photon Decoupling, And The Cosmic Microwave Background
22. Dark Ages
23. Speculative Habitable Epoch
24. Earliest Structures And Stars Emerge
25. Reionization
26. Galaxies, Clusters And Superclusters
27. Dark Energy Dominated Era

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