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Therion - Secret Of The Runes (Japanese Edition) (2002) flac

Therion - Secret Of The Runes (Japanese Edition) flac cd cover flac
Artist/Band: Therion (Sweden)

Album: Secret Of The Runes (Japanese Edition)

Genre: Power Metal

Release date: 2002

Format: FLAC

Size: 433 Mb

Track listing (Список песен):

1. Ginnungagap (The Black Hole) (Prologue) (06:09)
2. (Old) Midgård (05:04)
3. Asgård (The Bifrost Bridge) (04:08)
4. (Call Of) Jotunheim (03:43)
5. Schwarzalbenheim (Svartalfheim) (Gold der Unterwelt) (05:18)
6. Ljusalfheim (The Shining Ones) (03:54)
7. Muspelheim (Gudaskymning) (02:15)
8. Nifelheim (Dimmornas Värld) (04:36)
9. Vanaheim (Seed of Ing) (04:04)
10. Helheim (Den dimhöljda) (03:18)
11. Secret of the Runes (Epilogue) (05:30)
12. Crying Days (remix) (04:32)
13. Summernight City (remix) (04:55)
14 Seawinds (04:22)

Christofer Johnsson: guitars, keyboards, percussion
Kristian Niemann: guitars
Johan Niemann: bass
Sami Karppinen: drums

Vocal and string solists:
Marika Schonberg: Solo soprano
Erika Andersson: Solo alto
Carl Rahmqvist: Solo tenor-barryton
anna Rodell: Solo violin
Asa Akerberg: Solo cello
Thomas Karlsson: whispering voice on "Ljusalfheim"


Kristina Hansson: Coloratura soprano
Anna-Maria Krawe: Soprano
Anna Artursson: Alto
Marika Schonberg: Alto
Henrik Holmberg: Tenor
Patrik Forsman: Tenor
Carl Rahmqvist: Tenor-barryton
Joakim Berg: Bass-barryton

String ensamble:

Anna Rodell: Violin (1st)
Josef Cabrales-Alin: Violin (1st)
Malin Samuelsson: Violin (2nd)
Johan Moren: Violin (2nd)
Linda Svedrup: Viola
Niklas Sjunesson: Viola
Asa Akerberg: Cello
Monica Jonsson: Cello

Woodwinds (solo and ensamble):

Fareidah Hildebrand: Flute, Altflute and Piccolo
Erik Rodell: Oboe and English Horn
Henrik Blixt: Bassoon and Kontrabassoon

Brass ensamble:

Mikael Sorensen: Trumpet and Fluegelhorn
Ayman Al Fakir: French horn and Wagnertuba
Kristina Borg: French horn
Rune Bodin: Trombone

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