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Rein[Forced] - Pre-Existing Conditions (2CD) (2013)

Rein[Forced] - Pre-Existing Conditions (2CD) mp3
Artist/Band: Rein[Forced] (USA)

Album: Pre-Existing Conditions (2CD)

Genre: Dark Electro, EBM, Industrial

Release date: 2013

Format: MP3 (CBR 320 kbit/s)

Size: 228 Mb

Track listing (Список песен):

01. Malignancy (MMSML Mix By Boom Of Society Burning)
02. Zen Manipulation (Lotus Mix By VX)
03. Nausea (Imperative Reaction Mix)
04. Dichotomy (Deutsche Harte Mix By Stiff Valentine)
05. Butterfly Wings (Feat. Interface & The Dark Clan)
06. Embodiment Of Hope (XP8 Mix)
07. 2xPain (4xMothership Mix By Cryogen Second)
08. Dichotomy (Sensuous Enemy Mix Feat. Jai)
09. Amplified (C2 Mix)
10. Pure Unadulterated Anger (Inertia Remix)
11. Zen Manipulation (Terror Firma Sky Mix)
12. Malignancy (Cynical Existence Rework)
13. Dichotomy (Single Edit)

01. Embodiment Of Hope (Mindless Faith Mix)
02. Deck Of Trick Cards (Die Sektor Remix)
03. Dichotomy (Choak Mix By Ego Likeness)
04. Malignancy (Panic Lift Remix)
05. Pure Unadulterated Anger (TWSS Mix By Wade Alin Of Christ Analogue)
06. Take Me Home Tonight (Feat. The Dark Clan & Ego Likeness)
07. Deck Of Trick Cards (Other Jimmerz Mix By I:Scintilla)
08. Dichotomy (This Is My Sexy Voice Mix By The Dark Clan)
09. Lethargic (Shutterdown Mix)
10. Convalescence (Stardotstar Remix)
11. Zen Manipulation (Manipulated By Boxed Warning)
12. Dichotomy (Industrial Dance Mix By Deathproof)
13. Amplified (YLukO Remix)


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